Lana Kendrick Gifts In Green

— 10 Jan, 2018 In Lana Kendrick · Own Galleries · Pinupfiles
Busty brunette with open top revealing big boobs and cleavage

Lana Kendrick has some gifts to share. She wrapped them up in a green top, but left a nice preview with some delicious looking cleavage. When she unwraps them her boobs are bigger than ever before, just loving all the attention and damn they look so good squeezed together!

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27 Responses to “Lana Kendrick Gifts In Green”

  1. what a woman!! what a dream woman! imaging being married to her for life, having her for my wife; what a life it would be; an entire life, having amazing mind blowing sex with her all over the house; again and again and again. everyday.

  2. Margaret

    What is so delicious, is delicious the right word, yes delicious is the right word, is your cherry dark pink nipples against your white beast skin. To keep that nipple centred into the mind as a comparison you need to pinch you nipples now and again or a lot more to keep that dark colour to darken even more. Keep nipping and pinching your nipples and that will sharpen them more.

  3. I remember a time when this blog was updated daily. Hard to believe nowadays.

    Anyone have recommendations for other good big tits photo blogs that are still active and updated regularly? Please post some URLs guys!

  4. ShadowMAN

    lana boobs has bewitched the guys all over the world.
    Her big tits no longer crime level.
    Dazzling sin.
    her boobs is dissipated and eccentricities….
    Catch my cock tightly and tightly with your big tits.
    Tighten firmly and firmly with big boobs.
    You squeeze out your big boobs without leaving a drop of my sperm.

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