Leanne Crow Huge Boobs Xmas

— 28 Dec, 2017 In Leanne Crow · Own Galleries
Huge boobs brunette in Santa corset and thong

Leanne Crow topless in a Santa themed corset – could there ever be a better Christmas present?! And wearing a sexy little white thong too so its big boobs and big butt gifts from Leanne this year …

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8 Responses to “Leanne Crow Huge Boobs Xmas”

  1. the biggest problem with this girl is that she cant smile naturally
    she is wearing waaaay to much makeup and it dosent look good on her
    she is a pretty girl but everything is focused on her gigantic breast
    mobilphone pictures and they are totally out of focus :-(

  2. braknor

    Leanne was a beautiful young lady way back.
    I felt sick looking at her now…
    She has become a fat, blubbery blimp with a couple of extra chins, a tire around her waist and w-a-y too much ink!
    Oh by the way, she still has that shit-eating grin and a fantastic pair of tits!

  3. Margaret

    Regarding your nipples. Your massive boobs are making your nipples looks smaller. As your boobs grow so your nipples need to grow bigger and keep up with your boob size. Can you pull out and harden your nipples. Harden them a lot more, and pull then out for the photo. Can you suck your own nipples?


    I don’t find her gross at all. Leanne is an incredibly beautiful woman with a great body. Massive breath taking breasts and all her body is what dreams are made of. However I must say that the tatoos are a little much. Plus she has not responded to me on facebook. Still she will always be one of my all time favorite big bust ladies.

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