2 Responses to “Leanne Crow Workout Bands”

  1. Len Heggarty

    To go into stripping you need to know how to strip the bra strap off sexually as big boobs are different to smaller boobs. Big Boobs are sexual objects and they need to be uncovered in a sexual way to bring more money in. You don’t look at the camera, as the viewer is looking at the bra strap come up and down over the shoulder. So you look at what the viewer is looking at the bra strap as as comes down the arm it uncovers the right boob. That would be your way.
    The viewer is not looking at your eyes.
    A more sensual and demure model would do it slo and put her arm under the bra so it holds the bra is place while straps come down. That would be for a demure model. But you are not like that. You are brash. So you pop them out in a brash way.
    Now you thumb is hooked under the bra strap. All you do is straighten the arm, and it acts like a sling shot . BOING, and out pops the boob.

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